Saturday, September 18, 2010

Status Update: Body Fat Percentage.

Comparative Body Fat Index Results

Back in July, I stated keeping track of my Body Fat (BF) Index. Today, I did a new measurement and the results are a sort of mixed bag.

I gained 1.3Kg weight, which is actually not a bad thing since almost most of that weight gain (1.2Kg) is pure lean muscle. My fat free mass went up from 56.5Kg to 57.7Kg.

The problem that I see so far is that I am unable to get rid of my body fat. It has remained nearly constant. This is really surprising (and disappointing) for me considering the level of cardio workout and strict diet regimen that I follow.

I can only conclude that the remaining fat is the one that I gained over a long period of time and is most likely ingrained in my organs (visceral fat), and getting the Body Fat percentage down is going to be a lot harder than I originally thought. Running half-marathons every week has no effect on my body fat? Come on!!!

If the BF% does not go below 20% within the next 2 months, I will need to start looking seriously at fat burners to kick-start the fat loss process. For the time being, I will stick to safe fat-burners (coffee and green tea) which contain caffeine and assist in the fat burning process.

I will see after 2 months.


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  2. where do you get your body fat percentage measured?

  3. Hi Dalal,
    I do it in the Pharmacy. Most Pharmacies in Kuwait have the machine that measures your weight, height, blood pressure and body fat percentage. They charge KD 0.500.

  4. Thx. Keep up the amazing work! I read all of your entries in one day...hope you get your six pack