Friday, September 10, 2010

The Burpee Pull-Ups

This is a very intense strength+cardio exercise that can shoot your heart rate through the roof and leave you panting for dear life. I came up with this exercise on my own by combining a "burpee" and a "pull-up" but later on came to learn that this is common exercise performed by the CrossFit community. Incorporate this exercise in your daily routine to take your strength building to the next level.

The "Burpee Pull-Up" is a compound exercise that targets your chest, triceps, legs, and back with an explosive jump that works on your heart. Practically speaking, it is really a combination of a Push-Up (the King of upper-body exercise), the Squat (the King of lower-body exercise), the Pull-Up (one of the toughest exercises) with a fluid and explosive movement between these 3 exercises.

WARNING: You should only attempt this exercise if you are comfortable doing all the 3 exercises that this particular exercise incorporates (i.e. you are comfortable doing push-ups, squats and pull-ups).

WHAT YOU NEED: A Pull-Up Bar that is placed relatively high so that you need to really jump up to grab the bar, and a clear space under the bar to perform the push-up/squats.

HOW TO PERFORM THE EXERCISE: Stand under the pull-up bar and jump down and do a single push-up. Then quickly stand in a squat position and jump up and grab the pull-up bar and perform a single pull-up. Drop down from the pull-up bar and repeat the exercise for as many repetitions as you can.

I was planning on doing a video but conveniently found one on youtube that demonstrates the Burpee Pull-Up. Enjoy the pain.

Here's another video on YouTube of a guy who did 100 Burpee Pull-Ups in 19 minutes and 35 seconds.

And a funny comment on the video.
"I tried this the other day and halfway through decided I'd rather die by drowning... This s**t is hard as hell!"

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