Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chilled Water on the Go.

When running over long period of time, it is extremely essential to remain hydrated with either Water or sports drinks like Gatorade. It is also recommended that the liquid be chilled because:

1. Chilled water or sports drinks passes through our body faster and hence reaches the destination faster.
2. It tastes better.

The problem for me usually comes when I am running my Saturday morning half-marathon distance. Running for 2 hours means the chilled water bottle becomes distinctly tepid or near room-temperature by the time I cross the 1 hour mark. This means that my second hour of running is fueled by Gatorade that tastes very yucky. It is at times like these that I wish they had a small refrigerated compartment in the treadmill.

I saw this interesting gizmo at a local sports shop and thought I'll give it a try. It is essentially a water bottle with a long attachment with some liquid trapped inside. You keep the attachment in the freezer so that the liquid inside freezes up.  When it's time for your run, just pour cold Gatorade or water in the bottle and close it with the frozen attachment.

I tried it out today and I can say that it definitely works. The Gatorade was chilled even when I took my last sip.

The bottle is available in Naser Sports Center and costs KD 2.250. Highly recommended for long distance running.


  1. Thats a neat bottle! I spent 4.5 KD on an addidas bottle from Go sports but doesn't keep water cold for more than 20 minutes.

    Whats the capacity of this bottle?

  2. Do they have bigger sizes? coz I go thru more than 1 liter during my workout which lasts 70 mins on the elliptical alone.

  3. What you need is one of those mini-fridge you get in Alghanim Electronics hooked up next to your elliptical machine. lol.