Monday, August 23, 2010

The Ultimate Post-Workout Drink.

Several weeks back, I wrote about "The Chocolate Milk Diet" and how it was both a great pre-workout and post-workout recovery drink - delivering a healthy dose of protein and quick-absorbing carbs to help with the workout and also to recover from a hard workout.

While chocolate milk is a great pre-workout drink, you may want to add some extra proteins in your post-workout recovery drink. Adding a scoop of Whey protein powder to your chocolate milk will result in a potent combo. The extra proteins from the protein powder help the muscles in long-term recovery, while the quick carbs from the chocolate drink help in short term recovery.

I mix 1 scoop of Whey protein powder to 1 packet of chocolate milk (250ml) and vigorously shake the whole thing with ice. The blended drink is both deliciously tasty and very healthy. The nutritional data for this drink is shown below:

Protein Powder1201.02.025.0
Choco Milk 250ml1582.526.18.1

The great thing about protein powders these days is that they come in so many flavors. Once you get tired of one flavor, you can just jump to the next flavor as the protein content in all the flavors is almost identical.


  1. hey great blog man i hope you keep it up. i am a kuwaiti and i was wondering what are the downsides of whey protein. since everyone in kuwait takes them and buffs up. i am not talking on overdosing on it i know that will damage ur organs. just the normal sideeffects with taking so much? and the consequences of suddenly stop talking protein.. do you know?

  2. Hi,
    Protein should not be confused with Steroids (which is what you may be referring to). Protein supplements like Whey protein is just a way of ensuring that your body has the necessary amount of proteins needed based on your energy expenditure. You cannot overdose on whey protein. Excess protein intake is not retained by the body but ideally, you should take about 1 gram of protein for each KG of body weight. This number is not absolute and can go up and down based on your exercise intensity level.

  3. Thanks for the info Cajie. I definatly should start adding protein powders into my diet because I know im not getting enough of the stuff

  4. i know whey protein is not steriods i am a med student :) but actually there is such a thing called whey protein overdose..

    and most people i know do actually suffer of protein side effects. thanks anyways. this article above kinda answered all my questions.


  5. Hi Bush,
    Thanks for the heads-up on that article. Though the article is titled "whey protein overdose", the author is cautious enough to mention the following:
    "It is not known what exactly to expect from an overdose with whey protein (or even if an overdose is possible)"

    Which basically corroborates what I wrote.

    Since you are a med student, you will be well aware that we can overdose on anything. Moderation is the key. Whey protein is derived from natural source (milk), so stick to the recommended intake and do plenty of resistance workouts to ensure that the proteins do their job to help repair and grow the muscles, and you should be fine.

    Thanks again for your very useful feedback.

  6. Bader,
    I am currently taking only 1 scoop of powder (25g of protein) each day. This is technically not enough for my activity level - but since I am focusing more on running, I have not paid that much attention to muscle growth. Insha-Allah, Once I get my six-pack :)

  7. About Protein overdose, one common ailment affecting many people is high Uric acid in the blood stream. I used to have this problem too until I cut down on red meats and beans (any legumes) I dont know if whey protein has the same effect but so far I'm ok :)

  8. Hi Cajie, I am commenting on an old article coz it is related. Not sure whether you will see it in 2012. Anyways wanted to know if whey protein is different from Amino Mass. My 18 yr old son who is in India has been recommended by his coach to take amino mass (quite possibily to put on weight as he is on the thinner side). I am hoping you may know the difference considering you have done your research before consuming anything like this. After this article I asked him to go for whey protein, he said he wasnt sure you could get something like that in India. Thank you for any feedback. Angela (Kuwait)

  9. Hi Angela,
    First of all, Whey Protein is easily available in India. In fact, just 2 weeks back, I checked some pharmacies in Goa, and all of them had Whey protein - and prices were similar to Kuwait.
    As for Amino Mass, I am assuming, it includes proteins+carbs (Will need to know the exact brand to determine exact contents). But if you son needs to gain weight, then a mass gainer is an option - though he would be better off just eating more.

  10. Thank you so much for your response. He's asked to look at 'Tarass', that word is in Hindi script it seems. I tried to google it but couldnt get a match. But you may be right when you say it is protein+carb...mass gainer. It is much better to eat more, unfortunately being a student with access to dorm food and outside junk and no 'parents' hovering over, his food nutrition is a bit dubious. I am still inclined to whey protein being more 'natural' and will ask him to check further in Bangalore. Thanks again-Angela

  11. I believe the correct brand is Tara's. I found their product page here

    Some of their products have nutritional data, but the "Amino Mass" product is missing the nutrition data.

    Their other product "Storm Extreme" is, as I indicated earlier, is an equal portion of Carbs and Proteins.

    The Amino Mass should have similar characteristics. Perhaps more carbs compared to Proteins.

  12. What are the best chocolate drinks you can take when you are working out? and what are we supposed to look at for?