Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Power Food: Nuts

Nuts play a very big role in my daily nutrition plan. I find that a serving of mixed nuts 1 hour before workout keeps me satiated and gives me the energy to complete a hard workout session.

I usually mix a variety of nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, and cashews) and throw in some black raisins to give a sweet taste to the mix.

I also find nuts are a tasty addition to my morning breakfast. Take Muesli or cornflakes and add the mixed nuts and pour in some cold milk. Yummy and keeps you full for the whole morning.

Nuts are high in both calories and fats, but that should not stop us from eating them.

The calories from the nuts are loaded with essential proteins, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.

The fat in the nuts is nothing to be scared of either. The fat in the nuts is the mono-unsaturated and the poly-unsaturated (omega-3) type. Also known as the "good fats" that is beneficial to our body.

Avoid the salted variety of nuts. Though they may be tastier, the sodium from the salt will cause water retention in your body - making you feel bloated.

So next time you are sitting on the couch and feel like popping some French fries or salted crisps, reach out for some healthy nuts instead.


  1. Nuts are a great snack to have around. I keep some at work and munch on them between meals. The more raw they are the better. Good fat, good oil, and protien. What more can we ask for :)

  2. I much on a handful before a workout :)

  3. I cheat a bit sometimes. I take a bunch of mixed nuts and then mix them up with a spoon of Nutella. Not exactly 100% healthy, but it tastes oh so good.