Monday, February 7, 2011

Kuwait's First Half-Marathon Update

Back in November, I wrote about Kuwait's first half-marathon event. The event was originally planned for January 28th, but got postponed. I think that was a smart move from the organizers, as January would have been too cold to run.

The event is now scheduled for March 19th. Registration is now open and you can register for the run by visiting either the C-Club or Extreme Sports shop. Details of the registration can be found here.

I did my registration last week. The registration fees are KD 10/- and you need to put a deposit of another KD 10/- for the timing chip. The deposit will be returned back to you after the end of the race - when you hand over the timing chip back to the organizers. You can (and should) also give a donation for the charity.

I love the idea of running with a timing chip as I will have a clear idea of the exact time that I will take to complete the race. I am currently training 5 days a week and hope to complete the race in the top 30 or 40.

There is also a 10K run on the same day for those who find running 21K too daunting. Participants of the 10K race will not get the timing chip.

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