Monday, November 29, 2010

Monitoring your body fat index at home.

Omron BF400
Whenever I need to check my body fat index, I normally visit one of the local pharmacies and take my measurements using the machine that they keep there for such purpose. I've done this a few times before and posted it on this blog.

I had heard about these Omron home-use devices that use Bio-electrical impedance to measure your body fat percentage and thought I'll pick up one just for convenience. My wife is also interested in keeping track of her BF% but doesn't like visiting the pharmacy.

The Omron BF400 allows me to store up to 4 profiles and quickly measures the Body Fat Index once you select the profile and step on the device. It also doubles as a weighing scale.

A preliminary check shows my BF as 20% but I this may not be accurate as I had just had lunch before taking the reading. I will do this again tomorrow morning to get a more accurate reading.

The BF400 is available in X-Cite Electronics for KD 19.500 (after the normal 20% discount).


  1. So long do we have to wait before taking a reading? Does it also show variation if you've just come out of the shower?

  2. @Mathai,
    The manual recommends suggested timings for taking the reading. The best time is immediately after waking up. Otherwise, if you do any of the below activity, you should wait for 2 hours before taking the measurement.
    1. Vigorous exercise.
    2. Bath or sauna.
    3. Drinking alcohol.
    4. Drinking large amount of water or consuming food.

    Basically, wait 2 hours after any of the above and then take the reading.

    It also indicates that it is not useful for
    1. Growing children
    2. Elderly people
    3. If you have fever
    4. If you suffer from osteoporosis.
    5. If you are a body builder or pro athlete.
    6. Pregnant
    7. People with swelling.