Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pushing Hard

Less than 2 weeks after I started doing push-ups on a regular basis (using the awesome Push-Up wars app), I managed to make it to the Top 100 in the Global rank.

My 63 push-ups that I did today catapulted me to #89 on the Global leader board.

Of course, this does not mean that I am #89 in the world. My ranking is purely between the list of participants:

a. Who own an iPhone.
b. And heard about the Push-Up Wars app.
c. Then decided to pony up the $1.99 required to purchase the app.
d. And don't mind posting their videos to the games' website.

Whatever the case may be, it's nice to be on the Top 100 list and now I am determined to aim for 100 push-ups.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Kuwait's First Half-Marathon Update

Back in November, I wrote about Kuwait's first half-marathon event. The event was originally planned for January 28th, but got postponed. I think that was a smart move from the organizers, as January would have been too cold to run.

The event is now scheduled for March 19th. Registration is now open and you can register for the run by visiting either the C-Club or Extreme Sports shop. Details of the registration can be found here.

I did my registration last week. The registration fees are KD 10/- and you need to put a deposit of another KD 10/- for the timing chip. The deposit will be returned back to you after the end of the race - when you hand over the timing chip back to the organizers. You can (and should) also give a donation for the charity.

I love the idea of running with a timing chip as I will have a clear idea of the exact time that I will take to complete the race. I am currently training 5 days a week and hope to complete the race in the top 30 or 40.

There is also a 10K run on the same day for those who find running 21K too daunting. Participants of the 10K race will not get the timing chip.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Push-Up Wars

This is a fun little app for iPhone, that I found on iTunes. I use the word "fun" loosely here, because doing push-ups may not exactly be fun to most people.

The idea of this app (or is it a game?) is to record video of your push-ups using the app. This ensures that the video is straight from the app - and not edited or enhanced in any way. That's a subtle way of saying that no cheating was involved. The video is uploaded to the website, where it can be viewed by other members, and flagged for any discrepancy.

The application also features direct integration to Facebook, where you can brag (or in my case.. lament) your achievements.

The application features Global Leaderboard (I am not going to be featured on that list - at least in this lifetime), and a ranking system that promotes you based on the number of push-ups completed. It is even integrated to the Game Center for achievements.

For $0.99 that's an amazing deal for any fitness addict. Just as Nike+ improved my running, this should help me build a strong upper body.

Anyone care to challenge me?